north hall

North Hall, Ferris' newest residence hall built in 2017, features double rooms with four people to a suite. The furniture is lofted, therefore, other lofts are not permitted.

Building Layout (PDF)

Room Layout (PDF)

North Hall Classroom Reservation Form


  • North hall is close to different academic buildings including Arts & Science Commons, Starr Buildings, Swan Building, National Elastomer Center, Music Center, and Johnson Hall. North hall is also close to different campus buildings including Flite Library, Birkham Health Center, Williams Auditorium, and the University Center. Residence Hall Mailing Addresses 
    • 2 twin 76" lofted bed sets
    • 2 wardrobes
    • 2 dressers
    • 2 desks
    • 2 chairs
    • Cable and ethernet connection
    • First year through senior students
    • Co-ed floors
    • 2 residents per room (same gender)
      • 2 rooms connected by 1 bathroom (both rooms are same gender)
    • 4 floors with elevator
    • 1 laundry room per floor
    • 3 study rooms per floor
    • 1 lounge area per floor with game equipment
    • Fitness room on first floor with card access
    • Building Wi-Fi
    • Living Learning Center with classrooms, study rooms, lounge, lobby, game room, and kitchen in the central area and east wing of the first floor.
    • Building is accessible to all students, faculty, and staff M-F 8am-5pm.
  • North Hall building exterior
  • North Hall room
  • North Hall common space
  • North Hall kitchen
  • North Hall workout room
  • North Hall pool tables
  • North Hall common seating
  • North Hall kitchen area
  • North Hall lobby
  • North Hall lobby
  • North Hall classroom
  • North Hall media area
  • North Hall lobby and front desk
  • North Hall building exterior