Dining Information

Catered To Your Needs

Ferris State University's Dining Services meal plans offer flexibility, convenience, and great food value. Each of our food service operations provide a variety of carefully prepared, nutritious, and tasty foods along with personalized service for a pleasant service for a pleasant dining experience.

Guest Meal Passes

Anytime dining meal plans are designed to provide maximum value and flexibility, but are for the meal plan holder's personal use only. However, an electronic balance of guest meal passes is included with each meal plan option. Unused guest meal passes carry over from Fall to Spring semester, but must be used by the end of Spring semester.

Meal Plan Changes

Meal Plan changes can be made during the first two weeks of each semester at the Dining Services Administrative Office in South Commons or at the Timme Center for Student Services. All meal plan choices are non-refundable.

Faculty/Staff Express Meals

Employees are permitted to have one active payroll deduction for meal plans at a time. To sign up for Express Meal Plans, please fill out the form here.


You will have the opportunity to select foods from each of the basic food groups at each meal. Dining Services offers nutrition and dietary counseling with our Registered Dietitian. An appointment can be set up with the Dietitian by contacting the Dining Services Administrative Office at extension 2210. Please bring any information on the diet prescribed by your doctor with you to your appointment.

Meal Period Conflicts

If you have classes that conflict with standard meal times, you can arrange to have take-out meals prepared for you by contacting your individual campus restaurant manager.

Meals for Ill Students

Take-out meals are available for students who are ill. A friend or roommate may obtain a take-out meal for the ill student by presenting your student ID and a meal pass, which can be obtained through the hall director, to the cashier at any campus dining venue.

Handicap Accessible

All Dining Centers are accessible to the physically challenged. In case of inclement weather, we will deliver meals to your residence if you are unable to make it to a dining center.

Please Note

*Students, who select the Silver Meal Plan, may also add a Bulldog Bucks Plan or deposit any amount of Bulldog Bucks for use at campus retail locations.

*The University picture ID is used for access to all Dining Venues. The Dining Services host/hostess electronically scans your ID to see if the meals are available in each customer's meal plan.

*Anytime dining (unlimited access) to the dining facilities is to be used for your meals only. Bulldog Bucks may be included in your meal plan choice and can be used for the purchase of meal passes for friends or relatives, or to purchase items from The Market, Starbucks, and the Quad Food Court.