Student Groups Spring 2020

Psycho-educational and treatment groups are offered and facilitated by Counseling Center staff.  Group topics and scheduling of groups varies from semester to semester in order to meet the requests, needs, and availability of students. 

Participation in group treatment requires a written consent to confidentiality guidelines for the benefit of all group members. 

Spring 2020 

Mental Health 101:  Setting goals for progress not perfection

Monday 1:00pm - 1:50pm Birkam Health Center Room 218
Do you need help accomplishing goals in your life? No matter what they are, we can help.  Whether you struggle with finances, study habits, nutrition, exercise, or any positive steps needed to improve your mood and overall mental health, our group can help.  We will work on setting goals and the personal discipline needed to accomplish them.

Coping Skills 101:  How to deal when you can't even

Tuesday 11:00am - 11:50am Birkam Health Center Room 218
This group aims to equip Ferris students with coping skills to help them more effectively manage their mental health. The four different sessions will teach students techniques to help them be successful personally, academically, and professionally.

Building Solutions:  Moving beyond stress

Tuesday 11:00am - 11:50am Birkam Health Center Room 118
This group is designed for students who are currently experiencing mild to moderate anxiety/stress. The group will be goal-focused in helping students develop their own unique and targeted solutions to lessening stress and anxiety. Furthermore, students can expect to explore and strengthen their current stress management techniques. Students will have opportunities to connect with others experiencing similar situations and share support and encouragement. The group will provide opportunities for students to practice stress management techniques to determine what works best for them.  Intake paperwork and informed consent is required to join this group.

Surviving Sexual Violence

Wednesday 1:00pm - 1:50pm Birkam Health Center Room 218 (Starts February 5)
Based on "The Power to Change" program developed by the United Nations, this group provides a safe environment of self-help and support that allows participants to address, share, and process their experiences as survivors of sexual violence.  Sexual violence is any sexual act committed or attempted by someone without given consent or against someone who is unable to consent or refuse.  The group is open to any women who have experienced any form of sexual violence.  Intake paperwork and informed consent is required to join this group.

Being on the Spectrum

Friday 11:00am - 11:50am Birkam Health Center Room 218 (Starts February 14)
This group is intended for students on the autism spectrum to have a safe, non-judgmental, and empowering environment where they can openly explore various topics, while providing and receiving support.

Adjusting to College

Friday 1:00pm - 1:50pm Birkam Health Center Room 218 (Starts February 7)
Is college not everything you thought it would be?  This group is open to anyone who would like support with adjusting to the new excitement, changes, possibilities, responsibilities, and fears of college life.  This group is most appropriate for first year students with transitional anxiety; however, you may come to this group at any part of your college journey.  If you're struggling to navigate all the intense changes and emotions that come with the transition, this support group may be for you.  Come share your journey with us, meet new people, and discuss ways to improve your college experience.  You can come to any session and new members are always welcome.