Questions and Concerns

  • The Counseling Center provides a place where students can have conversations with trained counselors who provide a supportive and understanding environment. Many students feel anxious, depressed, confused, or overwhelmed at some point during their college experience and need help dealing with feelings and problems that seem beyond their control. For some students, that help may come from friends, family members, significant others, etc., but in some cases, help is needed from a trained professional. While some people who seek counseling have chronic emotional difficulties, most are dealing with normal life events and are simply in need of an objective listener - someone who doesn't judge and who can help them see new alternatives.

  • Any currently enrolled FSU student is eligible to receive our services. Counseling is also available during the summer months for students who have completed Spring semester and are enrolled for the following Fall semester.

    In some cases, students are referred to providers outside of FSU-CC. This decision is made on a case-by-case basis and is determined by the appropriateness of time-limited treatment for your individual situation, our expertise in treating your particular problem, the availability of staff and other resources, and other factors.
  • Family members and friends are often the first to notice when a student is struggling. Those closest to the student can encourage them to seek help. The Ferris State University Counseling Center provides free and confidential counseling to students facing a variety of challenges. The counseling center provides a safe, environment where students can feel free to discuss their concerns.
  • While we are limited by privacy laws about disclosing information without a Release of Information from your student, we can readily accept information or concerns from you. We can also explain how we routinely work, what typically happens, our relationship with other offices, and what our policies and procedures are here at the Counseling Center. We appreciate the concern that friends and family have for our clients; it can be a crucial form of help and encouragement. Nevertheless, we are legally and ethically mandated to keep client confidentiality, which prohibits even acknowledging whether or not a client has attended a counseling session.

  • Friends and family members can encourage a student to set up an appointment at the counseling center but students are responsible for making contact with the center and scheduling their own appointments.