The New Year-Round Pell Grant

Recent changes to the Pell Grant have made summer classes an even smarter choice this year.

Summer classes have always been a smart option. If you're a working student, like Allie, they give you the opportunity to make up for credits you can't take during the fall and spring. If you usually take a full schedule, summer classes give you the chance to take a huge leap forward.

This year, summer classes are an even better option for Ferris students. Recent changes to the Pell Grant program allow all Pell eligible students to take a third disbursement for the summer semester.

Like all grants, the Pell Grant is free money for your education. The new year-round Pell means you'll be able to get a jump on finishing your degree, save even more money and get out there in your field, making money, faster. What's not to like?

Contact the financial aid office to check on your eligibility or head to MyFSU to register for summer classes now!

Need more reasons to take summer classes?

24 Locations and Online

Studying on the beach is possible with summer classes

We get it! Who wants to sit in class when they could be on the beach?

Well, first of all, Ferris has 24 locations all across Michigan. You don't have to stay in Big Rapids. You could go home for the summer, take a class or two at your local Ferris location and hit the beach with your pals after class.

If you just can't pull yourself away from the water, just take an online class and make the beach your classroom.

Free Summer Housing

Free summer housing at main campus

If you do want to stay in Big Rapids, how does free summer housing sound?

All students taking six or more Ferris credit hours have the option of staying in our residence halls for free! We know this won't be an option for many of our students around the state, but it's huge if you can make it work.

Check out all of the details on the year-round Pell here.