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The field of Quality is increasingly becoming more important in manufacturing, medical, and in all aspects of business. This certificate emphasizes quality systems and a managerial approach to quality.

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Required Courses

  • A detailed study of the technology concerned with quality auditing with emphasis on the international ISO 9000 standards. Topics include: types of quality audits, planning for the audit, conducting the audit, follow-up activities to improve operations, and reporting results.

  • Students learn to manage the complete process for quality planning regarding a particular product. Steps include Design and Process FMEA, pre-production parts layout, preliminary capability analysis, and other steps required to prepare a part submission packet similar to those used in industry. Students should be prepared to spend significant amounts of time on a major project. Prerequisites: MFGE 341 or STQM 260 or equivalent. 

  • This course will focus on applying leadership behaviors to management practices. Using theoretical and practical methodology students will critically analyze, identify, and creatively apply leadership & management techniques. A practical, experiential learning approach is emphasized and crucial to the success of the course. Students will gain first-hand experience in resolving workplace conflict, ethical dilemmas, cultural bias, and other professional tensions through participating and completing community service projects, team role playing, case analysis, and discussion related assignments. Self-assessment and constructive peer/superior feedback will allow students to identify their existing strengths and weaknesses. Students will be well-prepared to contribute to any professional organization using the numerous skills, knowledge, and abilities they obtained from taking the course. Prerequisites: Second Semester Sophomore Status.
  • MGMT 370: The philosophy of continuous quality improvement, basic process improvement tools, basic management and planning tools, teaming, and models for improvement. Maximizing customer service and satisfaction, optimizing inventory investment, and maximizing operations efficiency. Principles of operations management; dependent and independent demand, forecasting; work measurement; work standards. Practical application of these techniques (in team settings) on a variety of business-related problems will enhance the ability to carry out the operations aspect of a business. Prerequisites: Sophomore Standing or Instructor Permit.


    MGMT 492: This course concentrates on how to design, continuously improve, and lead a lean service business process initiative. Specific areas of concentration include Systems Planning and Thinking (seeing the whole business as a value stream), Human relations skills (leadership, strategy development and deployment, change management, and team problem solving) and Lean Principles (kaizen, PDCA, SS, pull, leveling process stability, standardized work, root-caused problem resolution and A3 Reporting). Prerequisites: MGMT 305 or junior status.