Elementary Provisional Certificate at Lansing

Elementary Provisional Certificate
Teacher Certification and Endorsements (A post-baccalaureate program for first time teachers.)
Teacher Certification Office

Pre-Admission/Program Planning Advisor:
Michelle Kelenske
(231) 591-3642
[email protected]

Continuing Student Advisor:
Jeff Bean
(810) 762-0461
[email protected]
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The Elementary Provisional Certificate is the initial certificate issued upon completion of an approved program. The holder of this certificate is eligible to teach grades K-5 in their content areas after passing the required MTTC test for Elementary teachers. Candidates for an elementary-level teaching certificate who wish to teach grades 6-8 in specific content areas must also pass the appropriate MTTC tests in order to qualify for the endorsements. Students wanting the ZS endorsement must also complete the Early Childhood minor and pass the appropriate MTTC test.

Program Name on the Application:
Teacher Certification - Elementary Education (Post Baccalaureate)