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Cancer Information Management

Cancer Information Management
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Cancer information management (CIM) professionals are highly-sought after data management experts who find, interpret, and record a wide range of demographic and medical information on individuals with cancer for various healthcare agencies. Cancer registrars gather, analyze, and report cancer data for each cancer patient in the United States. The information is then used for research, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of cancer. This program is designed to provide individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to maintain a cancer data collection system that meets the requirements of local, state and national registries.

This certificate program is offered in a cohort format and can be completed in 4 consecutive semesters. There are two accelerated courses offered each semester that last approximately 8 weeks. Students will take one course during the first half of the semester and the second course during the last half of the semester. This usually makes it easier for working students so that they are not juggling multiple classes at one time.

All of the content is offered fully online, however there are a few classes that are offered in mixed delivery format which provide optional in-seat opportunities to meet. There is an internship upon completing the course work.

To be admitted to this program, students must have completed an associate degree in a health related field. Students currently enrolled in a health related associate or bachelor’s degree program would also be able to complete this certification, however there are specific pre-requisite courses that must be completed prior to the start of CIM courses. **Please note, these pre-requisite courses are not currently offered in a fully online format at Ferris State University.

Suggested Course Sequence
Fall Semester Spring Semester Summer Semester Fall Semester
  • MRIS 150 Registry Structure and Management
  • MRIS 160 Cancer Registry Operations
  • MRIS 170 Cancer Disease Management
  • MRIS 180 Oncology Coding and Staging
  • MRIS 250 Abstracting Methods
  • MRIS 260 Multiple Primaries and Hematopoietics
  • MRIS 270 Follow up, Data Quality, and Utilization
  • MRIS 295 Cancer Registry Internship

The certificate education program in Cancer Registry/Information Management at Ferris State University received Provisional Accreditation by the National Cancer Registrars Association, 1330 Braddock Place, Suite 520, Alexandria, VA 22314. Provisional Accreditation is awarded to a new program that, during the past four years, has not graduated students from a Cancer Registry Management program. Students enrolled in a program that holds Provisional Accreditation status with NCRA are eligible to sit for the CTR Examination.