Teacher Certification and Endorsements at Flint

Additional Endorsements
Teacher Certification and Endorsements
Teacher Certification Office

Pre-Admission/Program Planning Advisor:
Michelle Kelenske
(231) 591-3642
[email protected]

Continuing Student Advisor:
Mike Ennis
(810) 762-5156
[email protected]
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You must have been issued a valid teaching certificate on which to add a new endorsement. The additional endorsement may be completed in any major or minor content area which FSU has been approved to offer. The appropriate MTTC content area test must be passed for the endorsement to be added to the valid certificate.

This option may be delivered at the undergraduate level (no financial aid) or at the graduate level with the possibility of financial aid.

Program Name on the Application
Teacher Certification - Additional Endorsement (Post Baccalaureate)