Concurrent/Dual Enrollment with the Community College

You may be able to take courses at another accredited college or university to fulfill the program requirements for courses which Ferris does not offer locally or online, as long as you still end up meeting our residency and graduation requirements.  You will FIRST want to verify that the course credits will transfer to Ferris.  We recommend that you check course equivalencies through the website and then work with your Ferris advisor before you register for classes.

If you do need to take additional classes at the community college as well as at Ferris, you will need apply to both your local community college and Ferris. Please keep in mind that each institution may have different policies and processes, and that you will need to plan ahead to ensure all your paperwork is processed in enough time to be admitted prior to the start of the semester at each school.

Check your community college’s website for their admission requirements.  Also note that the community college academic calendar and registration dates may differ from Ferris’, even when classes are offered from both schools at the same location. You will also have a different student identification number at each institution.

Within Michigan, we have developed special partnerships with selected community colleges which allow students to use community college classes when we determine course loads for financial aid purposes.  To find out more about these, check on the financial aid website about Financial Aid Consortium Agreements.