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Americans with Disabilities Act Parking Information

Parking for People with ADA Compliance Needs

ADA parking is always enforced. A valid Ferris State University parking permit is required to accompany an ADA compliant placard or plate. Guests visiting campus must obtain a free guest permit from the online portal or in-person at Public Safety.

If ADA compliance parking spaces are not available, the ADA permit holder may park in any legal parking space. Parking at metered spaced will require payment, as designated on the meter, unless the permit or license plate has a free parking sticker from the Michigan Secretary of State.

ADA Compliance Permits

Individuals needing ADA parking privileges must obtain a permit from the Michigan Secretary of State. Please visit the SOS - Disability Parking webpage for more information. FSU DPS does not issue temporary or permanent handicap placards or license plates. 

Illegal Use of an ADA Parking Placard or License Plate

Under Michigan Law, it is unlawful to use an ADA placard or license plate when the ADA holder is not being transported, to lend the placard to another person, and/or to make a copy of the placard.

Public Safety will confiscate ADA placards found to be in use illegally and return said placard to the Secretary of State with an explanation of misuse and a fine issued, if parked in an ADA space. 

Handicapped Parking Fine = $100