Food for Fines - February


February 25, 2019

Ferris State University students donated almost 500lbs of food for the FSU Student Food Pantry, Wesley House. The week long food drive voided 46 citations, 33 of which had late fees adding to the donation total. While nearly $900 in citations were voided, it does not showcase how far these students went above and beyond for one another as many students offered more than required to clear their fine.

Devon Herrell, the Director of Wesley House, touched on the topic of how amazing it is to see students helping students. While Herrell and the Wesley House already service between 70-80 students per month, she urged more students to stop in and take advantage of the resources offered by Wesley.

Herrell wants to eliminate the stigma of thoughts such as, “Others are worse off than me.” Wesley House is catered specifically to Ferris students with any and all degrees of need. With your Ferris ID, you can make up to 2 visits per month for food and select toiletries.

Can’t make it in? There is a self-serve pantry located in the lower level of the University Center just outside of Starbucks for students to utilize as needed.

Normal operating hours for the Wesley House are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 4:30pm-7:00pm and Wednesday from 6:00pm-8:30pm. Scheduled appointments are possible if needed. Wesley House is located at 628 S Warren Ave, behind the science building.

Additional Contact Information:
EMAIL: [email protected] PHONE: (231) 796-8315

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