Welcome from the Chief

As we begin another year at Ferris State University, keeping you safe is the top priority at the Department of Public Safety. We have several initiatives that we are implementing to make campus an even safer place.

We have purchased a social media monitoring tool called Social Sentinel, which monitors social media 24/7 for any language of harm - either harm against the campus, any individual, or self-harm. We also have purchased a tool called MOSIAC, which is a threat assessment tool that we can use to help to determine if a person is a serious threat to campus. The purchase and use of both technologies will help to keep our campus safe.

We also need you to do your part.

Here are a few reminders about how you can help to keep yourself safe:

  • If you are walking somewhere, or traveling off campus to shop or recreate, try to go with someone else - the bigger the group, the better!
  • If you cannot travel or walk with someone, and you feel unsafe for any reason, call a trusted friend and let them know where you are going, and when you expect to reach your destination.
  • Be alert wherever you go! “Put your head on a swivel!" Of course, if you are driving, put your phone down - no texting and avoid making phone calls!
  • When you are walking, avoid texting, and avoid having headphones on - both distract your vision and hearing. Be alert and make eye contact with people!
  • When you become intoxicated, you become far more vulnerable and the chance that you could be the victim of a crime increases dramatically.
  • If you are with a friend, and they become visibly intoxicated, TAKE CARE OF THEM! Ensure that they are safe and that they get home safely.
  • If you are ever walking on or off campus, and feel that someone is following you, call 911 and stay on the line with them, until they can get a police officer to meet with you.
  • If you are driving, and feel that someone may be following you, drive directly to DPS, and call 911 or 231-591-5000 - stay in your locked vehicle, and ask for a police officer to come out to make sure you are safe.

This is a very safe campus and the Department of Public Safety works hard 24/7 to keep it that way.

Visit our website at www.ferris.edu/publicsafety for more information on initiatives and happenings at DPS. 

Go Dawgs!

Bruce W. Borkovich
Director, Department of Public Safety
Ferris State University