Summer 2018 - Parking Enforcement Changes

June 25, 2018

As the Department of Public Safety continues to develop a more efficient and customer friendly parking program for the University community, we are announcing the following changes, effective immediately:

  • Summer parking, for purposes of these changes, is defined as the first day after the last day of class each spring semester, continuing on until the first day of class in the fall semester.
  • Guests to campus, other than faculty, staff, and current students, will no longer have to secure and use a guest parking pass to park in most areas of campus during summer parking.
  • Guests parking on campus at a metered parking spot will no longer have to pay the meter during summer parking, with the exception of lot 39 at the Rock Cafe.
  • Any person parking at a meter in lot 39 will be required to pay the meter.
  • Fire lane and handicap parking regulations will continue to be enforced during summer parking.

For more information regarding summer parking on main campus, click here.