Reminder: Credit Card Fraud

Reminder: Credit Card Fraud

December 10, 2018SafetyPhotoHolidays

Recently, the Ferris State University Department of Public Safety has been investigating several credit card fraud cases. We would like to give you information to protect yourself from this crime. Here are some suggestions as we head into the holiday season:

  • NEVER give your credit or debit card information to anyone! Even if a friend asks, tell them no. Many of these cases begin when numbers or passwords are supplied to a “friend”.
  • NEVER give out your account password(s) or pin(s).
  • Do not allow someone to take a picture of your card. Do not leave your card around where someone can photograph it or copy down the numbers.
  • Always place your credit/debit card in a safe location where you can control it. Do not leave it in a shirt pocket, coat pocket, etc.
  • Be cautious when purchasing anything online. Try to shop with companies that have established a solid reputation for protecting your card information and identity.
  • Look for sites that have https:// in their website. The “S” stands for secured.
  • Do not give your card number over the phone to anyone, unless you initiated the call, and you are talking to someone you trust.
  • Never answer an email that asks for your account or card number.
  • Always secure your phones, computers, iPads, etc. so others do not have access.
  • If you suspect your card is being used by someone else, or you lose it, IMMEDIATELY contact your bank or card company and report it. Time is critical!

Protect your card and personal information at all times.

Happy Holidays,
Director Bruce Borkovich