Parking Notice - Faculty/Staff Lots

Beginning Monday, August 13, 2018, the Department of Public Safety will begin to issue warnings and/or citations to students parked in Faculty/Staff lots.

 The following parking exceptions will still be allowed for the remainder of summer, until the first day of class fall semester (August 27, 2018):

  • Summer parking is defined as the first day after the last day of class each spring semester, continuing on until the first day of class in the fall semester.
  • Students with a current valid parking permit may park in any Residential, Commuter, or Apartment lot regardless of the type of permit they have.
  • Faculty/Staff who display a valid parking permit are allowed to bring trailers on campus as long as they park legally and take up no more than two spaces.
  • Vehicles with a valid parking permit may park overnight in any lot.
  • Guests to campus, other than faculty, staff, and current students, will no longer have to secure and use a guest parking pass to park in most areas of campus during summer parking.
  • Guests parking on campus at a metered parking spot will no longer have to pay the meter during summer parking, with the exception of lot 39 at the Rock Cafe. Any person parking at a meter in lot 39 will be required to pay the meter.
  • Fire lane and handicap parking regulations will continue to be enforced during summer parking.

 Please contact Public Safety at 231-591-5000 with questions or e-mail [email protected].