Human Resource Management Certificate - Online


Human Resource Management Online Certificate


Online Certificate Program

Advanced Training, New Opportunities

Develop the human resources knowledge and skills required of supervisors and managers in all areas of an organization. This certificate includes four classes which provide a broad understanding of human resource management through courses in employment law, compensation, negotiations, and international human resource management.

This certificate requires only 12 credit hours and all classes are available in a fully online format.

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To be admitted to this program, you must have a minimum GPA of 2.35, ACT score of 16 in English or college level English and an ACT score of 19 or higher in math or college level math.

Required Courses

  • Course focuses on the objectives, functions, and organization of Human Resource systems including: equal employment opportunity, job analysis, selection, training, compensation and benefits, performance management, employee rights and discipline, workplace safety and health, and labor relations.

    Pre-Requisites: Sophomore standing

    Typically Offered: Fall, Spring, Summer

  • Course covers Title VII Civil Rights Act; Equal Pay Act; Age Discriminations in Employment Act; Rehabilitation Act of 1973; Michigan Civil Rights Act; National Labor Relations Act, as amended; FLSA, minimum wage, overtime provisions.

    Pre-Requisites: Junior status or instructor approval.

    Typically Offered: Fall

    • Labor Economics, Labor Relations
    • Cross Cultural Business
    • Employee Benefits
    • Diversity and Communication
    • Negotiations
    • Recruitment and Selection
    • Compensation
    • Cases on Strategy and Workforce Trends