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Gail Bullard, RN, MHA, DHEd
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The Master of Healthcare Administration is designed for leaders in the healthcare industry.  This program prepares graduates with the skills and knowledge to lead healthcare organizations through the use of evidence-based decision making and with a focus on quality improvement, resource efficiency, and interprofessional collaboration. 

Some benefits of this program include:

  • Ability to complete the program within two years.
  • Courses are all delivered in a fully online format.
  • Each course includes eight to ten hours of synchronous learning in which students participate via collaborative web-based sessions allowing all students and the professor to meet virtually and collectively.
  • Inclusion of service learning opportunities and a capstone research project provides valuable experience needed by today's healthcare leaders.
  • Availability of an Executive Format program for students with two or more years of management and/or supervisory experience.

This program is an excellent choice for students who want to obtain a master degree focused on healthcare administration.  While a bachelor degree in a health related area would be of benefit, students with bachelor degrees in other areas may also apply.