Center for Virtual Learning is One Step Closer

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Center for Virtual Learning in the Works

Virtual Learning Centering in the Works at Ferris State University


Ferris State University is one step closer to making the Center for Virtual Learning a reality. In December, the legislature gave Ferris planning authorization for the capital outlay project, Center for Virtual Learning. The project will involve demolition of Bishop Hall and renovation and expansion of Vandercook Hall. This will create a physical location to bring together the University’s online education efforts, while providing program development support and preparation for faculty engaged in virtual education.

The Center will house the undergraduate and graduate programs in Information Systems and Intelligence; Digital Media and Game Design; and Career, Technical Education and Teacher Education.

President Eisler reported in his weekly email, “With planning authorization being the first step in capital outlay approval, we will work to complete project planning and then seek final funding authorization from the legislature.” Sen. Darwin Booher, chair of the joint capital outlay committee, is to be commended as he was instrumental in the process.

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