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We're excited that you're ready to join us at Ferris Online! There are just three simple steps to the application process.

#1 Complete the Online Application

Our online application is free and quick. You can complete it in 15 minutes or less.

#2 Send Us Your Documents

Send us all required documents, such as transcripts or test scores.

Have your documents sent to:

Admissions Office
Ferris State University
1201 S. State Street, CSS 201
Big Rapids MI 49307

#3 Look for Your Admission Decision

This is the fun part! Once we've received your application and all of your required documents, we'll reach out with a decision on your application.

Admission Requirements

The majority of our online programs have been designed as degree completion programs. You will need to complete at least 48 transferrable credit hours to be admitted to the program. Meet with your program's advisor as soon as possible to make sure you're taking the right courses to maximize your transfer credit.

For general admission, you must have a GPA of 2.0. Some programs require a higher GPA for admission.

Schedule an appointment with your program's advisor for all the details.


Feeling tripped up by the application process? Don't worry! We'll get you through it. Get in touch with us at (231) 591-2340 and [email protected].