Transfer Equivalencies

Online bachelor degrees from Ferris State are typically 'degree completion' programs.  We expect that you have had the equivalent of an associate degree before you start with us.  In some cases, you can begin your Ferris program while completing your associate level coursework from Ferris or another institution.

There are also cases where you may want to take some of your coursework from another institution and transfer those classes in to Ferris to meet your degree requirements, as long as you meet the minimum number of Ferris credits.  Your advisor can assist you with these decisions, and we also have online tools to help you determine which classes can transfer to Ferris.  We recommend that you check course equivalencies through the website at Transfer Equivalencies and then work with your Ferris advisor before you register for classes.

Within Michigan, we have developed special partnerships with selected community colleges which allow students to use community college classes when we determine course loads for financial aid purposes.  To find out more about these, check on the financial aid website about Financial Aid Consortium Agreements.  If you are taking classes from a non-consortium school, those credits will not be used when determining aid or loans from Ferris.