2011 Questions of the Month

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Dec. 2011 Automobile Pioneer Charles Richard Patterson Edwardian Promenade
Nov. 2011 The New and Expanded Jim Crow Museum by David Pilgrim
Oct. 2011 The Scottsboro Boys Case Douglas O. Linder
Sep. 2011 The AIDS Conspiracy Myth Carol A. Heintzelman
Aug. 2011 Cloud of Witnesses Mural Unitarian Universalist
July 2011 Mission of the Jim Crow Museum by David Pilgrim
Jun. 2011 Kid Rock and the NAACP by David Pilgrim
May 2011 John Howard Griffin's "Black Like Me" by David Pilgrim
Apr. 2011 Otis Vaughn's Donation to the JCM by David Pilgrim
Mar. 2011 Clyde Kennard, Civil Rights Activist Mississippi HistoryNow
Feb. 2011 Removing the N-Word from Huck Finn by H. Lewis Smith
Jan. 2011 "Black Americana" Merchandise by David Pilgrim