2006 Questions of the Month

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Dec. 2006 Johnny Rebel by Nick Pittman
Nov. 2006 Were Underground Comics Racist? by Leonard Rifas
Oct. 2006 Human Zoos from Wikipedia
Sep. 2006 Jim Crow Etiquette by Ronald L.F. Davis
Aug. 2006 First African American in Professional Baseball by Todd Bolton
July 2006 The Southern Manifesto by David Pilgrim
Jun. 2006 First African American with a Ph.D. in Math by Scott Williams
May 2006 Explaining the Term "Red Nigger" by David Pilgrim
Apr. 2006 Nicodemus, Kansas by Kathy Weiser
Mar. 2006 Elvis Presley and Racism by David Pilgrim
Feb. 2006 Interracial Marriages by David Pilgrim
Jan. 2006 The Black George Bush HistoryLink.org