2005 Questions of the Month

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Dec. 2005 The Jackie Robinson of the NBA by David Pilgrim
Nov. 2005 Drapetomania by David Pilgrim
Oct. 2005 Amos 'N' Andy: Past as Prologue? by Mark Freeman
Sep. 2005 Give Bayard Rustin the Respect He Deserves by Buzz Haughton
Aug. 2005 Cassius Clay's Lost Olympic Medal by Mark Desrosiers
July 2005 Cudjo Lewis: Last African Slave in the U.S.? by David Pilgrim
Jun. 2005 Are There Similar Museums in the U.S.? by David Pilgrim
May 2005 What Were Coon Songs? Parlor Songs Assoc.
Apr. 2005 What is Junteenth? by Wayne Hicks
Mar. 2005 KKK Robe Obtained at Howell Auction by Kevin Miller
Feb. 2005 Jack Johnson and the Wrench by David Pilgrim
Jan. 2005 Who is Black Peter? by Lulu Helder