2004 Questions of the Month

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Dec. 2004 Was the Cream of Wheat Chef a Real Person? Jackson Citizen Patriot
Nov. 2004 Why Focus On Negative Images? by David Pilgrim
Oct. 2004 Timeline of African American History by David Pilgrim
Sep. 2004 What Are Codes Four? by David Pilgrim
Aug. 2004 Termination of 1965 Voting Rights Act by Jonah Goldman
July 2004 Racist Library Jim Crow Museum
Jun. 2004 The Truth About the Death of Charles Drew by David Pilgrim
May 2004 "Is Willie Lynch's Letter Real?" by William Jelani Cobb
Apr. 2004 "My Mother Collects Ashtrays..." by David Pilgrim
Mar. 2004 "Is Ghettopoly Racist?" by Tony Baker
Feb. 2004 "Bing's Little Black Sambo" by E.J. McPherson
Jan. 2004 "Blacks, Picnics and Lynchings" by David Pilgrim