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Texas Memories

***The staff of the Jim Crow Museum receives dozens of letters and emails. Some of these communiques offer insight into race relations -- historically and in the present. While some are hateful, we have decided to share some of these letters and emails with our Internet visitors.***

Dr. Pilgrim,

I wanted to commend you on your fine work at the Jim Crow project. I was simply astounded in reviewing your webpage, and basically reliving many of the memories (both shared and lived) as a African-American male in Texas. My departed grandmother (Eugene Dansby - 1896-1999) shared so many of her personal stories to me as a youth each summer as I stayed with her on her small farm in East Texas. My mother and father (ages 78 & 82) were also vigilant in sharing their own stories. I have a 15 year old daughter and a 6 year old son. My daughter is a former eight grade valedictorian and 'A' honors student at her private college preparatory program. While we live in Texas, I have become so motivated by your work that I intend on planning a family trip to Michigan to visit, learn, and reflex of the history of the African-American experience. My wife is a PhD candidate and college professor here in Dallas. Again, we both commend you and your brilliant work!

Dre Johnson
Dallas, Texas
-- May 5, 2014
Posted May 9, 2014