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Wow....just wow (I'm sure you get a lot of these emails)

***The staff of the Jim Crow Museum receives dozens of letters and emails. Some of these communiques offer insight into race relations -- historically and in the present. While some are hateful, we have decided to share some of these letters and emails with our Internet visitors.***

Please forgive in advance the informal tone of this letter. This is a stream of consciousness and little more. Also keep in mind that I'm a 14-year-old girl with no idea how to address her elders via email.

I have a morbid fascination with racists. The sheer cretinism that can produce such a creature (for human they are not) amazes me. I even registered an account on Stormfront. Just to troll. Dr. King would hardly be impressed with this type of violent resistance, I know. But my fascination is unhealthy, as I said.

Anyway, I found your amazing website a few weeks ago. I went through most of the material in one night. Forget Tubgirl, forget Mr. Goatse, this is honestly the first website that has actually caused me to become violently sick to my stomach. The sheer inhumanity of these creatures is unbelievable and mind-warping. And to think that the very videos on YouTube meant to open eyes to this horror just ends up being filled with Neo-Nazis. comment. I was interested to read the story of the man who apologized to you. I understand that this is not an apology for being white. It was an apology for profiting from the oppression of blacks. I admire you for noting this. None of this will ever make me ashamed to be white. There is nothing to be "proud" or "ashamed" of in being black, white, or any other "race". You were born with a certain set of genes. That wasn't an accomplishment on your part and you have no right to be ashamed of it. And that's something all racists should learn. What's to be "proud" of for being white? Be proud of being good at math or soccer or artwork or whatever. Your achievement.


Elsa C.
-- Feb. 8, 2007