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Comment From Canada.....and a Partial Retraction

***The staff of the Jim Crow Museum receives dozens of letters and emails. Some of these communiques offer insight into race relations -- historically and in the present. While some are hateful, we have decided to share some of these letters and emails with our Internet visitors.***

I was raised in an environment SO white I was fully 13 years of age before I actually laid eyes on an adult black male (other than Lionel Jefferson in "All in the Family").

Over the last few years I have watched with fascination as contemporary hip hop culture has promoted senseless murder, rape, violence against women, and slow suicide-by-crack-pipe. Black "sell-ebrities" like Sean Combs and Shug Knight, etc., have done more to hurt black Americans than a million guys like me. The fact that black America has enthusiastically embraced the image of the mindless, murdering animal as a desirable role model unravels everything people like MLK and Ralph Abernathy worked so hard for.

I am glad I live in a community with a very low number of non-whites. When I want to see blacks, I just turn on "Cops". It's very nice to think that I will be able to live the rest of my life isolated from the senseless violence associated with black culture. Many of my friends are Afrikaners who simply packed up and left South Africa, bringing their outstanding professional skills to Canada rather than stay in Tabu Mbeke's open air rape camp. These are people who have saved the lives of dozens of black patients, but of course you would consider them racists just because they are white South Africans.

So enjoy the graffiti, the awful music, the threat of being shot in the head at a traffic light so some meth or crack freak can steal your car, and the specter of having the women you know raped and murdered by one of the disciples of 50 Cent. Just remember, it's ALL whitey's fault, just ask Al Sharpton.

If the men who fought for the Union in the Civil War could have forseen what blacks are doing to America in 2007, they would have wanted some slaves of their own, just to be on a level playing field with their Southern competitors. This is surely one of the greatest ironies of history. Just imagine how many white descendants of Union Soldiers have been victimized by free blacks. It must be in the millions.

Now, I will return to today's episode of "Who yo Daddy?" on the Montel Show..... oh yes, blacks have come SO far.....

Dave, from the Great WHITE North
-- March 30, 2007

Hello Again

I hope you get my point that by participating in the stereotyping of blacks, Hip hop music promoters and crap TV producers and hosts are doing a great disservice to Blacks.

I have spent a lot of time reviewing the history of the Civil Rights Movement, and I think it's really sad that the promise of the movement has largely been squandered. The constant promotion of the gangster life, the easy profits in the drug rackets, the worship of guns, and the constant repetition and mainstream infiltration of words like Pimp, Bitch and Ho, etc., are all trends that Black America has bought into. This is very sad, because a lot of the black-on-black violence down there in the states is directly linked to this kind of thinking -- gang, turf, respect, all that nonsense.

I think Malcom X gave some of the best speeches about these things. Also, Fred Hampton impressed me a lot. The promotion of personal responsibility, especially in the matter of fathering children, IS a big problem in black America. I thought it was great when Bill Cosby scolded some of the people in the black community for isolating themselves from American culture.

Anyway, just so you know, my pals and I call each other crackers and hayseeds all the time. I have watched the Eyes on the Prize series so much my (Asian) wife gets pissed off at me when I put it in the DVD drive. I have also studied the Richard J. Daley period in Chicago at considerable length. I cannot imagine living in those joyless towers like the Robert Taylor Homes....80% unemployment, etc., man, that's some tough luck being born into that situation. I'll be the first one to admit that to be born a white Canadian is a lucky break. Man, our standard of living is HIGH!

Just for your interest, you should see the series "New York, a Documentary History" on PBS. You can buy the whole series from the website. There is a lot of interesting detail about how the blacks and Hispanics were isolated in Bed Sty and Harlem, etc., by official urban renewal policy. The whole series is fascinating.

Anyway, your collection is amazing, good luck to you. I was a little rough on ya with that first message. I just get pissed off when people try to tell me racism is MY fault, just because I'm a white guy. Hell I can count the black people I've actually known on one hand. I know for a fact if I had been born black I would have a pretty fu**ing big chip on my shoulder too.

I like your writing style too, and will return to your site.

Dave the Honkey
-- March 30, 2007