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Reverse Racism

***The staff of the Jim Crow Museum receives dozens of letters and emails. Some of these communiques offer insight into race relations -- historically and in the present. While some are hateful, we have decided to share some of these letters and emails with our Internet visitors.***

I just want to start out by saying that I am not prejudice nor am I a racist. I just want to tell you how tired I am of black people screaming racism and this site that I just looked over with the "collectible racist items." My biggest complaint is that when you hear about racism on national news, it is always whites against black. Do you not think that there is racism with blacks being racist to whites? My favorite columnists of all time is Walter Williams. In one of his columns he wrote that a Senator back in the 90's once said that "We will never come to grips with the problems of our cities....until a white person can talk about the epidemic of minority illegitimacy, drug addiction and homicide without being called a racist."

I know this really has no real relation to your collection. I just accidentally came across it and was offended. There will always be whites out there who are naive and stupid in their ways. But on that same note there are blacks who are doing the same insulting racist acts. One example and I will close. I was watching BET and these black guys were on the street looking for HONKEYS. White guys in trucks with guns in the back window. Was that funny to me. Hell no. What if I started WET (white entertainment television) and had 2 white guys looking for Kunta Kintay and Buckwheat. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton would go crazy. So would the NAACP! What if those 2 guys from WET went to an all Negro College, which by the way is discriminating to me.

I am sorry if this letter offends you. I swear to you that I am not a member of the KKK, or a Skinhead. I am just a 37 year old white male that is tired of the reverse racism that I see everyday on TV or on the WWW. I could debate all day long, it is a touchy subject. Just to let you know I was EQUALLY mad when Martha Burks' all women organization tried to force her way into the all men's club at Augusta National. I guarantee I could find collectibles that were offensive to whites. I could start by going and buying a pair of FUBU jeans!


Don Pontiff
-- June 26, 2005