Education Staff

Jennifer Hasso

 Jennifer Hasso, Education Coordinator

Ms. Hasso is responsible for the following:

  • All educational programming for the Museum.
  • Developing curriculum, museum learning experiences, and lesson plans for the Museum
  • Developing and leading professional development sessions for traditional and non-traditional educators.
  • Collaborating with educational and community leaders, and partner organizations, on the implementation of educational experiences pertaining to the Museum.

Contact Jennifer Hasso: [email protected]

(231) 591-3751


Cyndi Tiedt

Cyndi Tiedt, Collections Manager

Mrs. Tiedt is responsible for:

  • Implementing museum educational experiences.
  • Managing proper documentation of the museum collections.
  • Maintaining the collections management database.
  • Ensuring proper care and preservation of the museum collections by managing the collections storage rooms and implementing preventive conservation methods.

Contact Cyndi Tiedt: [email protected]

(231) 591-3103