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Welcome to the Jim Crow Museum’s Educational Programming site. We are an anti-racism institution that use objects to inform, to teach, and to create dialogues about race relations. We are educators that use primary sources to document and learn from the past. Our mission is to teach tolerance using objects of deeply rooted intolerance. We combat ignorance with truth and replace fear with empathy.

Our educational resources promote personal and community awareness, social justice, and racial healing. The museum understands that all individuals have varying comfort levels when speaking about race and confronting racism. This may be particularly challenging for educators tasked with guiding young minds through conversations about the history of racism in the United States and how those laws, beliefs, and material culture influences contemporary race relations today.

Debates about race, racialized incidents, and bias are ever present in the classroom, media, and at home. Educators are part of a learning community that involves parents, colleagues, administrators, and other stakeholders. Encouraging your community to support each other and the students in their journey towards racial comprehension, healing, and justice is important. We cannot stop the cycle alone, but we can grow in our personal perceptions and contributions to the culture of tolerance.

Thank you for joining The Jim Crow Museum for these crucial dialogues. If you need assistance navigating these resources, please contact me at [email protected].

Jennifer Hasso, Education Coordinator





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