Greetings from the FSU Re-entry Committee

May 20, 2020

Led by Vice President for Student Affairs Jeanine Ward-Roof, our Re-entry Committee has representatives from every division and is working collaboratively to develop plans for a prudent and sustainable public re-engagement based on several key outcomes relative to the preparations and implementations necessary, including:

  • Create a comprehensive plan that guides when and how to safely re-open and/or deliver in-person campus operations and activities.

  • Ensure the plan is inclusive and supportive of the high-quality teaching and engagement opportunities while operating in a safe manner consistent with federal and state mandates and/or guidelines.

  • Promote the use of the plan across all the University to ensure consistent application of actionable items as appropriate within various divisions and units.

To help us achieve these outcomes, we have also engaged many other faculty and staff members to serve on work groups that are developing specific planning measures for the following areas: academics, employees, facilities, health/safety and students. Other areas of focus may be identified and work groups formed as we continue with the re-engagement planning process.

In this initial message to the University community, we would like to share some of the preliminary planning underway for a safe and gradual public re-engagement of University operations. These plans are fluid and will continue to be influenced by local, state and federal guidance. Thank you for remaining patient as we navigate within this new “normal” together:

  • All employees (except for those specifically assigned by their supervisors to work from campus locations) should continue to work remotely until further notice and guidance is provided. It is anticipated that many employees will continue to work from home well into June. Your supervisor will contact you if you are to transition back to working on campus sooner.

  • Our re-engagement strategy calls for employees and campus operations to resume in three phases:

    Phase One
    Target Dates: May 20 – July 12
    Limited, essential services on campus

    Phase Two
    Target Dates: July 13 – Aug. 23
    Gradual return of additional staff and faculty as directed by divisions/departments

    Phase Three
    Target Dates: Aug. 24 – Dec. 21
    Full return to in-person campus operations

  • We are identifying the necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and social distancing signs and materials needed to safely bring employees back to campus locations. These items need to be identified, procured and installed/distributed before we can safely return to campus, which will take some time.

  • Operations managers will soon receive a survey to determine what PPE and related materials will be needed for their locations. This input will be very important as we begin to procure needed PPE items such as sneeze guards, social distancing signage, washable and disposable face coverings, sanitizer, etc.

  • Another facet to re-engaging the University community is providing education and training to students, faculty and staff to share information about the importance of the safety measures being implemented, why they are needed and how to comply with the recommended directives. This is currently being developed.

There is much work happening and much work to be done to prepare for a safe and phased public re-engagement of our University’s operations. We will continue to share updates and information with you, and we look forward to hearing from you and guiding you through this transition from working remotely to safely returning to our various campus locations.

We will host a virtual Town Hall via Zoom with the campus community in June to share more information and the progress being made. We look forward to sharing this information with you and encourage you to attend. Please stay tuned for your invite.

If you have suggestions or information that may be valuable for us to consider as we move forward, we encourage you to e-mail us at [email protected]. In addition, you can find our communication to the University community on the Coronavirus Campus Information and Updates webpage.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we develop and implement these plans and processes to safely re-engage the University community. We are very excited for things to return to “normal” and to see everyone again.

Please stay safe and healthy!

The FSU Re-entry Committee