Message to Students

August 31, 2020

Good afternoon Bulldogs!

An excited and heartfelt welcome to everyone on our first day of the new academic year! 

Over the last month, we have shared a lot of information about our efforts to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and our shared responsibility in maintaining the health of our community.  Collectively we are meeting the challenges posed. 

I encourage you to start the semester strong.  Attend every class.  Be engaged, participate, and seek help when needed.  Just because nothing is due does not mean there is nothing to do.  Create a routine that allows you to study two hours for every hour you are in class. 

As previously shared, I will be communicating more frequently to address common FAQs and to share important and timely information.

May I wear a gaiter as my face covering?

No.  You may provide your own face coverings; however, they must meet all CDC guidelines:

  • Fit snuggly against the side of the face
  • Be secured with ties or ear loops
  • Include multiple layers of fabric
  • Allow for breathing without restriction

Fabric face coverings should only be worn for one day at a time, and they must be properly laundered with soap/detergent before subsequent use.

How can I make it to a fully online class after a face-to-face class, if I only have 10 minutes in between classes?

Residence hall students are encouraged to return to their rooms where they can take advantage of a direct wired internet connection.  Non-residential students participating in online courses from the Big Rapids campus may use one of the computers in the FLITE library with their own headset/microphone.  Or a quiet location where they can access WIFI, such as the commuter lounge in the lower level of the University Center or any of available spaces in the Student Recreation Center.

I was just informed that I need to isolate (or quarantine), what do I do about my classes?

If you are feeling well enough, please continue to participate in your fully online courses.  If you do not have access to a computer while in isolation/quarantine, please email [email protected] for assistance.  If you have any in-person classes and/or you are not feeling well enough to participate in your classes remotely, please contact your faculty by email to discuss options to participate remotely from isolation/quarantine and/or arrangements to make-up your work.  

Here is a sample email you may wish to use:

Dear Professor [name]

I am currently enrolled in [class]. Unfortunately, I have been directed to quarantine or isolate until at least [enter date]. Please know that I am committed to doing everything I can do in order to stay current with my coursework during this period.

With that in mind, I would deeply appreciate your help in working with me to make a plan that will allow me to participate remotely from isolation/quarantine and/or to make-up any face-to-face class time and work I will miss.

I look forward to hearing back from you soon and can be reached by either a response to this email, or by phone at [enter number].


I was just directed to isolate or quarantine, do I need to change to a fully remote schedule?

No.  Please reach out to your faculty (see sample email above) to make arrangements to participate remotely and/or to make-up the in-person class time and work that you will miss while in isolation/quarantine.  

After contacting your faculty, if you need additional assistance with accommodations for your course work while in isolation/quarantine, please contact your advisor, your academic program, and/or the Office of Educational Counseling and Disabilities Services at [email protected].  Students may also request formal accommodations through Educational Counseling & Disabilities Services by completing this form:

What can I do if I am with other students who are not being safe/careful at all in terms of social distancing, wearing masks, etc.?

Most of us are doing the right things to protect ourselves and others.  If you find yourself around others who are not remembering to keep distance or wear a face mask, we encourage you to do your part to remind others of our shared responsibility.  If you are comfortable, please remind those you are with to be safe by keeping distance and wearing their face covering.  If you are not comfortable encouraging the behavior in the moment, please remove yourself from the situation and then let the appropriate people know (RAs in your Residence Hall, your professor in the classroom, any FSU/KCAD staff member, or use this form to report a non-emergency.

For answers to other frequently asked questions, visit our student specific FAQ. 

You belong here. You can thrive here.

Find your niche this semester that helps you feel at home at Ferris, connected, and a lifelong Bulldog. And if you don’t know where to start, seek me out and I will help you.  I am eager to get to know each one of you, and the future you are building.

Welcome, and welcome back to Ferris State. Let’s get to work on moving #FerrisForwardTogether!

Best regards,

Joy Pulsifer,
Dean of Student Life