Message from the Ferris State University Board of Trustees

March 25, 2020 (5:00 PM)

To the Ferris State University Community,

The past few weeks have brought challenges none of us could have imagined.  The Board of Trustees wants to thank all of you in the Ferris family for the amazing work you have done to keep Ferris moving forward.

This year we reaffirmed our mission statement:

“Ferris State University prepares students for successful careers, responsible citizenship, and lifelong learning. Through its many partnerships and its career-oriented, broad-based education, Ferris serves our rapidly changing global economy and society.”

The Ferris State University administration, faculty, and staff have proven that these are not just words, but a heartfelt commitment! Our students are continuing their education remotely, and this has taken herculean efforts from all of you. You have all pulled together and changed your teaching paradigm in what seems like the blink of an eye, but we know that it has taken many hours of preparation. Students were moved out of the residence halls in record time, thanks to so many people working in unison. Laptops have been distributed to students who were in need.  Administration has moved mountains to bring students studying abroad back to Michigan. And meanwhile, the University continues to move forward with the important functions of payroll, feeding the students who remain on campus and Public Safety keeping our campus safe.

Under these difficult circumstances you have been innovative, tireless, kind, generous, and strong. The Trustees of the Board are inspired by you. And our students are watching your every move, learning from you, taking strength from you.  They see that you can adapt easily, and so they know that they can continue forward too. Their Ferris education is something they can count on; you are providing that continuity and reassurance.

In a letter we sent to you earlier this year, the FSU Trustees said: “There has never been a more important time than now to come together as a university community and demonstrate this unity to our students and their parents.” Well, you have proven that beyond all measure. We are so very proud of these efforts.

This is a year of great change, and we will continue to look for ways to make our university even stronger in these times. Thank you for pulling together. Stay safe. And continue to move Ferris Forward!

Amna P. Seibold, Chair
Board of Trustees