Housing FAQ - COVID-19

On March 23, 2020 Governor Whitmer issued a “Stay Home, Stay Safe” executive order requiring all Michigan residents to stay home beginning at midnight and continuing for at least three weeks.  Based on this, the University must update the previously communicated information. Please review the following information below:

New (March 30) - How do I change my address with the University?

You can change your address in MyFSU, Student, MyRecords, Verify/Update Address.  If you need to change your address to receive your diploma, you need to contact your college (that information is collected separately).  If you have any trouble doing so, please e-mail [email protected] for additional assistance.

New (March 27) - How do I get my mail and and/or packages

Campus mail and packages are currently unavailable until the Stay Home, Stay Safe executive order is lifted.

Exception: West Campus Apartment Residents - USPS and UPS packages will be delivered to apartments. FedEx for WCA will be delivered to the FSU mail room and final delivery of WCA FedEx packages will be on a case-by-case basis. 

We will be able to retrieve and send mail and packages upon request once the Stay Home, Stay Safe executive order is lifted. We will get the website updated later with specifics on how to submit that request. Please check the Ferris website for future information.

Housing and essential items:

  • Students who reserved a spot for 3/24/2020 thru 4/30/2020 to pick up their belongings will need to reschedule at a later time. Additional dates and times will be provided after the Governor lifts the Stay Home, Stay Safe executive order.
  • Belongings left in the residence hall rooms, apartments, and east campus suites will remain locked and secure, accessible only by the Department of Public Safety and Housing until such time as students are permitted to return and collect their belongings.
  • Students will not be charged for keeping their belongings in their room as they wait to retrieve items during this period.
  • Students remaining on campus, who have meal plans, will receive additional information from Dining Services.

Students in residence halls who have received approval over the weekend to remain on-campus, will be receiving an assignment in the suites or apartments today, and must be moved by midnight tonight. You will then be required to follow the governor’s executive order. Guests are not permitted on-campus at this time.

If you are a student in need of housing, please contact [email protected].

Retrieving essential academic items out of classrooms:

Students will not be permitted to return to campus for their essential items from academic buildings as of March 23, 2020 until the Stay Home Stay Safe order is lifted.

What does the Stay Home, Stay Safe order allow?

People in Michigan will still be able to report to work if they are a part of the critical infrastructure workforce, engage in an outdoor activity, or perform tasks necessary to the health and safety of themselves or their family, like going to the pharmacy or grocery store. More information on the executive order is available at www.michigan.gov/coronavirus.

How will the Stay Home, Stay Safe order impact classes?

Courses will continue to be held remotely as planned.  Please continue to be patient and open-minded as we work through this significant and sudden transition. Faculty continue to be exceptionally accommodating and supportive of your learning.

We understand that today’s news will pose additional short-term challenges for our campus community. We continue to take things day by day and work to adjust as best we can. Your continued flexibility and patience are needed and much appreciated. As President Eisler shared with staff and faculty this morning, “This is a time which calls for the best of each of us. I know that we will rise to this challenge, and we will overcome it. Please be safe and careful.”

Stay safe, be sure to practice social distancing.

We truly appreciate your cooperation during this time as we maneuver through these challenges. We will plan to see you in the fall!

Please continue to monitor the Ferris website for information. That is your quickest link to what is happening due to the recent challenges that the students and the university are facing.

How to Stay On Campus

For our international students and those with highly exceptional housing needs, we will work directly with you and ensure you have a place to stay. Please complete the “Request to Remain On-Campus” form located online in the MyHousing portal under the contracts tab.  If you are a family living in University apartments you will NOT have to move.

How do I checkout of my residence hall or apartment?

Sign up for Checkout is currently unavailable until "Shelter in Place" is lifted.

  • All students will need to check out by utilizing an express checkout. Each student will sign up for a time to move out of their halls via the Building Checkout Signups webpage. The sign up for checkout is for us to ensure that roommates aren’t signed up at the same time and for the health and wellness of our residents.
  • Each student will complete a checkout envelope located at front desks or within building lobbies. Keys and laundry cards will be placed in envelope and placed in a drop box.


  • Storage will be available to Residence Hall Students until May 9th at 10 AM. Belongings will have to be picked up between May 4th and May 9th.
  • Students will need to sign a waiver for this to occur.

Storage Request Form (Halls Only)

Complete the storage request form to leave your items in your room or to let us know you are abandoning them.

Students should understand the University will not be responsible or liable for loss or damages to anything left in their rooms during this period.

Students should also understand:

  • They must return their keys to the Housing office via the drop box located at the hall front desks or by mail at the address below: (Please provide your name, student number & hall)

Ferris State University
Housing and Residence Life
1325 Cramer Circle, CRA 107
Big Rapids, MI 49307

You will be notified at a later date when your items will need to be picked up.

Summer Storage (Apartments)

There is no summer storage at this time. If this should change, we will let you know.

You do not need to return to pick up your belongings.  We will store them for you in your room for future pickup. We're working on sign ups through April 30, but if you need something later even into the summer we can work with you on that. I suggest you go into MyHousing and checkout and identify that you are leaving your items for storage. We will be in touch in June to discuss further. If you need to get belongings sooner than that, please contact [email protected]


  • If students already have their belongings, they will be able to mail their keys back to us via the housing office.
  • Abandonment -- students will be able to state that their belongings are officially abandoned.

Completing Express Check Out

Once you have cleared out your items, please drop your key(s) off at the front desk of your hall, placing it in a provided envelope with your laundry card. Drop the envelope in the key box by the front desk. Next, go into your MyFSU to MY Housing and click on Complete Express Check Out. At that point you have Complete the Express Checkout.

Only if you are unable to complete the Express Check Out email [email protected].

Completing Express Check Out (Apartments)

Once you have cleared out your items, please drop your key(s) off at the WCCC, placing it in a provided envelope. Drop the envelope in the key box located at the WCCC on the right hand side of the front doors behind the pillar.  Next, go into your MY FSU to MY Housing and click on Complete Express Check Out. At that point you have completed the Express Checkout.

Only if you are unable to complete the Express Check Out email: [email protected].

Key Return

For residents that have already removed all personal items from their on campus room/apartment/suite, please place your keys and laundry card in a reinforced/padded envelope and mail it to the address below:

Ferris State University
Housing and Residence Life
1325 Cramer Circle, CRA 107
Big Rapids, MI 49307

What happens if I get an "Error 500" message?

Try to complete the form again and when you put the detail description do not have more than 300 characters. If you do then you will need to write it up in Word and upload the document at the end.

If it continues to not work please email [email protected], and include the answer to each question.

Please visit the Housing website, www.ferris.edu/housing for the most recent communications.

More information will follow after you receive your determination.

Setting up the Doodle appointment. This is currently unavailable until the Stay Home, Stay Safe order is lifted.

Please go to the Housing website and view the different options regarding storage and/or move out. You will also have the option to set up a move out time through April 30, 2020.

What if I didn’t come back to campus after spring break? 

If you are one of the other approximately 2,800 students who did NOT return to campus after spring break, you did NOT have to come and get your belongings before Sunday, March 22 OR mail in your key. As we are closing the residence halls effective immediately, we are currently putting in place a check-out process specifically for you. You will be able to select a date/time during the semester that works best for your schedule to pick up your belongings and turn in your key. You were not required to come to campus OR turn in your keys before Sunday, March 22. There will be more information made available on this check-out process on the Housing website.


Thank you for contacting us in reference to a refund on housing and dining charges. At this time, a decision has not been made about a refund. Please continue to read the President’s updates for more information on refunds.

When are classes scheduled to resume?

Currently, no face-to-face instruction is scheduled before June 1, but remote instruction is in place. However, please pay attention to your email for further updates and notifications.

Is Dining open?

Please see Dining FAQs

What if I think I have COVID-19?

If you think you have COVID-19, please contact the Birkam Health Center at 231-591-2614.

What if I’ve traveled or been around someone with COVID-19?

Contact Birkam Health Center at 231-591-2614 for steps to take and future protocol to follow.

Who can I call in the event of an emergency?

In the event of a non-housing emergency, please contact DPS at 231-591-5000 or 911. If it’s a housing related emergency, please contact the main office at 231-591-3745 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, or call 231-349-9248 in the evenings or on the weekends.

What if I have a non-emergency related issue?

There is a housing request form that is located here. Once submitted, The Office of Housing and Residence Life will work to address your concerns in any way possible.