Bookstore FAQ - COVID-19

Is the bookstore open?

The physical bookstore is open with occupancy restrictions in place for the safety of our customers and employees. Please check our website for current store hours.

How do I order my course materials?

Please follow the instructions below to order your textbooks.

  1. Go to your detail schedule in MyFSU to start ordering online.
  2. Click on the link “Order Textbooks Now.”

Your required course materials have been preloaded!

  1. Choose to Rent or Buy your New, Used or Digital course materials.
  2. Select your preferred shipping option & proceed to checkout. We’ll email you when your order has shipped or is ready for in-store pickup.

Please Note: Due to current operational guidelines, bookstore traffic will be limited. If you choose to pick-up your order, you will need to receive the pick-up bar code in your “your order is ready for pick-up” email prior to coming to the bookstore. We are encouraging you use the ship option to minimize delays.

When can I order spring materials?

Spring books and supplies may be ordered when you register for your courses.  Orders can be placed either through the ordering link on your detail schedule, or directly through our virtual bookstore at  We are encouraging all students to pre-order for spring and ship where possible to avoid lines and delays at the beginning of the semester. 

Many books are available in digital format and normally available in your digital library within a few hours of placing an order.

How do I pick up my online order?

You will receive a “Your order is ready for pick-up” email.  Please either print or take a screen shot of the pick-up bar code in that email. Bring your pick-up code to the Bookstore during regular hours to pickup your order.

How do I return my Fall rental books?

Fall rental books can be returned at the bookstore as soon as you are done using them.  You can also download a UPS return label for a nominal fee to return your rentals if you cannot return them in person.  All fall rentals are due back to the bookstore no later than December 18th.

Other questions?

Please e-mail us at [email protected] or call us at (231) 591-2607 during regular bookstore hours.