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Message to Faculty and Staff

April 12, 2022

Good morning,

The Re-entry Committee would like to share a few updates with you this week.

COVID-19 Dashboard

With COVID-19 case counts remaining low, starting this Friday the COVID-19 dashboard will begin reporting case counts weekly instead of daily.

COVID-19 Testing Options

With the cessation of asymptomatic testing in the Pharmacy Care Clinic at the end of March, it is important to share the various ways you can obtain a free COVID-19 test. On the Coronavirus Updates Hub homepage, there is now a link located in the right-hand menu called “Testing Options.” Here you can find the various ways to obtain a COVID-19 test.

On the Big Rapids campus, COVID-19 symptomatic testing for students and asymptomatic testing for faculty, staff and students continues to be available Monday through Friday by appointment at Birkam Health Center. Please call (231) 591-2614, Option 2, if you would like to schedule an appointment. In addition, at-home test kits are now available at many public libraries and pharmacies such as WalgreensRite Aid and Meijer.  

If you complete an at-home test, and you are positive for COVID-19, please report your positive status via the “Report a Positive Test Result” portal. This is so you can be provided with the assistance you may need and ensure you receive the proper guidance.  


Am I still required to use the Plexiglas barrier that is on my desk? If not, what do I do with it?  

The use of a Plexiglas barrier was one of several COVID-19 mitigation tools made available to members of the University community. If you would like to continue to use this as a mitigation strategy in your work area, please feel free to continue doing so. If not, please store this in your work area until further notice.

Mask Reminder

Masks continue to be required in instructional settings such as classrooms and laboratories, in addition to patient care areas such as the Pharmacy Care Clinic, the University Eye Center and Birkam Health Center.

Thank you for staying connected with us. When there are updates to share, we will continue to provide information via email and on the Coronavirus Updates Hub.   

-The FSU Re-entry Committee