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Beyond: Globalization Offers Banner Exhibit, Faculty Workshops on Study Abroad Opportunities

Ferris State UniversityStaff members, instructors and administrators are encouraged to participate Thursday, Oct. 6, as Beyond: Globalization, an initiative sponsored by Ferris State University’s Office of International Education, provides an interactive banner exhibit and workshops on study abroad programs.

OIE executive director Piram Prakasam said the staff will offer guided tours through more than 40 banners in the exhibit in an effort to promote learning and consideration of global opportunities among those student groups and individuals who take part.

”In previous years, we invited individuals to present their work related to the global theme, using the printed banners, in an effort to spur discussion on those subjects,” Prakasam said. “Taking groups on guided tours should make the visit more efficient and those attending will be encouraged to revisit any area of interest.”

The Beyond: Globalization interactive exhibit will be displayed from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. in Room 202 of the University Center.

Experts from the School of International Training’s Graduate Institute will offer morning and afternoon workshops on Oct. 6, as Sora Friedman and Linda Gobbo will provide insight on roles and responsibilities for successful study abroad programs, then lead consideration of best practices to develop outcomes and assessment instruments for faculty-led programs. Prakasam said that faculty, department chairs and directors are welcome to attend these sessions.

“SIT is internationally renowned for its diverse study abroad course offerings and holistic models for program development. The workshops would provide faculty a training opportunity, which will explore best practices in offering effective faculty-led study abroad programs,” Prakasam said.

Those with questions about the Beyond: Globalization interactive exhibit and study abroad workshops are invited to contact Sylvia Maixner in the OIE office at (231) 591-2450.

PHOTO CAPTION: Beyond: Globalization, a university-wide initiative intended to inform and engage Ferris State University faculty and staff enters its fifth year Thursday, Oct. 6. An interactive banner exhibit will be offered from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. in Room 202 of the University Center.