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Ferris Student Game Plans to Defeat the 'Freshman 15'

Jordan LindseyJordan Lindsey would like to be the next major hip-hop music producer. To make that a reality, in Fall 2010 he began studying Music Industry Management at Ferris. He also lost 125 pounds, despite the myth that freshman students gain about 15 pounds eating “dorm food.”

“Part of losing the weight was having the freedom to choose what to eat. It was like, ‘The ball is in your court,’” he said.

Lindsey established a routine of hitting the elliptical machines at the Student Rec Center three times a week, and then started changing his eating habits.

“I cut out pop and juice and started drinking just water. I went from there to cutting fried foods out of my diet, eating more grilled food and more fruits and vegetables. I also cut out things like ranch and barbecue sauces and syrup. It was a snowball effect after that. I really thrived on feeling healthy,” Lindsey said.

Lindsey, a native of Detroit, credits fellow Ferris students for supporting him. “I didn’t notice the changes myself at first. I was walking outside of Clark Hall and about five people back-to-back said, ‘You’re losing weight, bro!’” At home over the summer, the reaction was even more dramatic.

“I went to two family reunions,” he said. “At both of them, people kept walking past me, thinking I was a new addition to the family.”

Besides eating sensibly and working out, Lindsey’s other tips include

  • Don’t stress out. “Rome wasn’t built in a day. Once you see you’re slimming down, you’re going to want to continue eating healthier food.”
  • Have a positive mindset. “It’s like the Nike commercial — just do it. Missing that one hour on Facebook is not going to kill you. Get up and do something active.”
  • Don’t feel you have to diet. “If it was good for me, I ate it. I didn’t count calories. I don’t want to do math when I eat.”

“I wasn’t planning on losing weight at all when I came here. I planned on meeting new friends and doing my work so I can go out there and get a career. Ferris helped me exceed the expectations I had,” he said.