Psychology Video

Psychology, the scientific study of behavior, emotion, and thought, is the second most popular academic major in the United States. Very few of us will live in a world or have a job that does not involved regular contact with others. Therefore, there is nothing more interesting and important than learning about yourself and the people with whom you interact.

Psychology addresses a range of topics, including learning and memory, drug addiction, IQ and personality testing, counseling issues, research design and data analysis, social and emotional development, etc. The best careers in psychology (therapist, professor, researcher, business consultant) require an advanced degree (i.e., a Ph.D., Psy.D., or a master's degree). Your undergraduate psychology degree at Ferris is an important first step on that career path. However, many students elect to enter directly into the labor force with their bachelor's degree. There are a wide variety of job areas for which psychology graduates are well suited, including human resources, research and development, marketing and sales, special needs casework, and human services program coordination. The psychology program at Ferris provides the ancillary courses and internships to maximize the effectiveness of your degree in preparing you for such careers.

Students in the School of Digital Media’s Television and Digital Media Production program at Ferris State University produced this feature.