About High School Articulated Credit

About High School Articulated CreditSecondary articulation provides high school students with an opportunity to earn college credit for work completed in their high school or career and technical education programs. The articulation agreement outlines specific guidelines for a seamless transfer from one institution to the other. Students use articulation agreements to ensure that the courses they complete in high school will not have to be repeated at Ferris State University.

Through articulated agreements between Ferris, the Michigan Department of Education and high schools and career centers, students are able to apply for college credit after completing approved career technical education programs. As a result, students are eligible to begin their studies at Ferris State beyond entry-level coursework.

In 2013, Ferris became the first public university in Michigan to implement state-wide articulation agreements for the specific programs in the federal career clusters and their corresponding Michigan career technical education programs. Ferris State is able to strengthen its collaboration with career technical education centers and high schools while maintaining consistency when awarding articulated credit to students through these agreements.

These Statewide Articulation Agreements are formal contracts between the Michigan Department of Education, the Michigan Office of Career and Technical Education and Ferris. Agreements were developed based on the secondary state-approved programs that met all of the required technical skills and standards.

Ferris faculty determine the criteria a student must meet to be granted articulated credit.

Students should understand how articulated credit earned through their career technical education center or high school can assist them in reaching educational goals. Students need to be aware of the requirements to earn articulated credit before applying at Ferris State. Requirements to earn credit are included on every statewide articulation agreement.

Program Benefits

  • Save money on tuition, fees, and books
  • Reduce the time it takes to earn a degree
  • Reduce student debt
  • Accelerate academic progress
  • Reduce duplication of courses at the college level
  • Create the opportunity for expanded program content
  • Improve job readiness skills
  • Improve job placement potential
  • Earn college credits

Course Completion

The student must complete the articulated career technical center and/or high school program at the letter grade indicated on the articulation agreement.

Agreements generally require at least a “B” grade or better.

Other Assessments 

Some articulation agreements require assessments such as a portfolio review or a competency exam. Please refer to the individual program articulation agreements for full details. Portfolios, assessment results, certifications, and any other required materials must be submitted to the Office of Transfer and Secondary School Partnerships with the Articulated Credit Application Form.

Instructor Recommendations

All students applying for articulated credit must have an instructor recommendation from the program that they are requesting articulated credit. Instructors are required to sign the articulated credit application.

Applying for Articulated Credit

Students must follow the instructions for applying for articulated credit. These instructions may be viewed by clicking on the "Applying for Articulated Credit" tab.



Your high school or career and technical center program may fall under one of Ferris State's statewide articulation agreements. Contact your teacher or counselor to assist you with the application process.

Follow the instructions below to apply for articulated credit:

  1. Review the requirements for articulated credit. You may obtain these from your high school or career tech center instructor or review the "General Conditions & Requirements" section on the appropriate statewide articulation agreement.
  2. Complete any required assessment exam(s) or certification(s) required for the articulated credits. Assessment exams and certifications are not required by all statewide articulation agreements. To learn what test is required, please consult your high school or career technical center instructor.
  3. Submit the free online application to attend Ferris. You must be accepted to Ferris State as a full-time college student before articulated credit can be added to your transcript.
  4. Complete the Articulated Credit Application and then have your career center teacher, counselor, and/or director sign and submit it to the Ferris State Office of Transfer and Secondary School Partnerships. Test scores and certifications should be submitted with the application if an assessment is required.

Note: Students must apply for articulated credit within a specified time frame following their high school graduation. Students should look at the individual statewide articulation agreement for their career tech center/high school program to see if they should apply within one or two years.

Student articulated credit applications are reviewed by Ferris faculty. The Office of Transfer and Secondary School Partnerships will send an email to the student's FSU email account if articulated credit is awarded.

Instructions for completing and submitting the articulated credit application are available under the "Applying for Articulated Credit" tab on this webpage.