Searching for Ferris State Classes

Click here to download the printable "Searching for Classes" PDF.

1. Go to the Ferris State University homepage at

2. Click on the "Course Search" link at the bottom of the MyFSU log-in page.


3. Select the appropriate term from the drop-down menu and click submit.


4. Enter your search criteria.

  • Search_CriteriaInstructions for using the search are provided at the top of the “Class Schedule Search” page.
  • Select the subject, enter the course number, and choose specific times and days to narrow down the search results. (If you need help deciding on what courses to take you can view a list of possible dual enrollment classes by clicking here).
  • Leave the time and days blank to see all the courses that are available for a specific subject and course number.
    Your campus selection must be “Main Big Rapids."
  • Click “Class Search” at the bottom of the page.

5. Select your classes from the search results.

  • DayAbbreviationsWrite down the Course Reference Number (CRN), Course Prefix and Number, Section Number, and Course Title of the classes you are interested in, as you will need to include this information on the Course Permission and Payment Authorization Form.


  • Click on the Course Title of the section you are interested in to view the detailed class information.

6. View the detailed class information to see if their are open seats in the class.

  • View the detailed class information to see the registration availability for an individual course.
  • “Capacity” represents the maximum seats available in that section.
  • “Actual” shows how may students have registered at the time of your search.
  • “Remaining” shows how many seats are available at the time of your search.