Faculty and Staff Administrative Offices

Dean's Office
Dr. Jason Bentley Dean [email protected]
Nina Davis Administrative Assistant [email protected]
Danette Mondrella Secretary Level 3 [email protected]
Academic Support Center & Structured Learning Assistance
Karen Royster-James Supervisor [email protected]
Teresa Brown Secretary Level 1 [email protected]
Kim Smith Paraprofessional [email protected]
Developmental Curriculum
Kristin Conley Assistant Professor [email protected]
Monica Frees Assistant Professor [email protected]
David McCall Assistant Professor [email protected]
Educational Counseling and Disabilities Services
Marie Yowtz Educational Counselor, Accessibility Coordinator, Associate Professor [email protected]
Connie Bookshaw Secretary Level 1 [email protected]
Kimberly Dickman Educational Counselor, Assistant Professor [email protected]
Ashley Hawley Secretary Level 2 [email protected]
Cynthia Smith Educational Counselor, Assistant Professor [email protected]
Faculty Center for Teaching & Learning/Media Production
Dr. Todd Stanislav Director [email protected]
Dr. Olukemi Fadayomi Faculty-In-Residence [email protected]
Jeff Gabalis Digital Media Specialist [email protected]
Dr. Brooke Moore Faculty Coordinator for Special Projects [email protected]
Julie Rowan Instructional Designer [email protected]
Wesley Thompson Digital Production Specialist [email protected]
Honors Program
Dr. Peter Bradley Director [email protected]
Dr. Catherine Bordeau Honors Advisor [email protected]
Dr. Amy Buse Director, MyDegree Project [email protected]
Ashley Burgess Administrative Support [email protected]
Bob Griffith MyDegree Programmer [email protected]
Marsha Longbrake Scribe [email protected]
Sharmere Miller Scribe [email protected]
Office of Transfer and Secondary School Partnerships
Dr. Deedee Stakley Director [email protected]
Angela Buys College Readiness Specialist [email protected]
Leah Melichar Pre-College Credit Specialist [email protected]
Sandy Stoddard Administrative Specialist [email protected]
SCHOLAR Peer Mentoring Program & Students with Children
Karen GreenBay Director [email protected]
Student Academic Affairs
Shelly VandePanne Director [email protected]
Timberly Boezwinkle Academic Advisor [email protected]
Jody Maloney Academic Advisor [email protected]
Gretchen Ochs Secretary Level 2 [email protected]
TIP/Thompson Scholars
Elizabeth Burbatt TIP Scholar Coordinator [email protected]