ROTC Prospective Students

General Information about the ROTC 
A brief
overview of the ROTC program.

What I need to become an ROTC cadet 
Provides detailed information on requirements, benefits and obligations of becoming and Army ROTC cadet, including a link to the Army ROTC website where you can apply online to become a cadet.

The Green to Gold Program
If you are an active duty person wishing to become a commissioned officer in the Army, this might be the program for you.

ARNG/USAR Programs 
Are you currently a member of either the Army National Guard or Army Reserve? You might be eligible to enroll in the ROTC program your last 2 years of college and be compensated for both.

Leader's Training Course 
Even if you have no prior military experience, we have a program to help get you up to speed on the customs and courtesies that you need to become a future leader in the United States Army. If you are of a Sophomore, Junior, or Senior standing in college, read more about this opportunity.

Incentives and Training Opportunities 
The Army ROTC instills self discipline, teaches you to be a leader and offers you stipends that'll help you pay those expensive student bills.