There Are a Variety of Reasons

Perhaps you are a hopeful storyteller, inspired by the creative vision of the latest Hollywood films. You've thought about making your own film, now you need to build on your skills. With Television and Digital Media Production (TDMP) you can grow your creative skills and eventually create short films, documentaries, programs, commercials and many different visual spectacles.

Maybe you have a passion to produce your own television show and distribute it to the masses over the internet. In TDMP, you can acquire the skills to produce, direct, capture, edit and stream your own show, or shows you've created for a client. You'll even learn how to integrate web design and Web 2.0 technologies into your production.

Content you create will be broadcast across northern Michigan, streamed across the Internet and featured on the University's main web page. Produce stories on-location, in a lab or in a studio. Participate in live event production, such as football, hockey, basketball or musical event coverage.

Whatever your reasons, TDMP is the best way to reach your television or digital media goals. You will be able to produce live television shows, magazine-format shows, author DVDs and Blu-rays and edit on the latest computers, while working with advanced camera equipment. You will be prepared to be successful in your career, pursuing your passion.