Office: Grand RapidsFrederick Baker
Phone: (616) 643-5721
E-mail Address: [email protected]

Frederick Baker has his bachelor's degree in electrical engineering and a master's in software engineering. He has 20+ years of varied and valued industry experience. In which he worked for a high-tech computer security company that provided real-time command and control perimeter intrusion detection software to the Department of Defense, nuclear plants, and correctional facilities for four years. He worked as a software engineer for Ford Motor Company for four years working in their Advanced Technical Center. He worked for Harris Incorporated as a software design engineer for seven years creating software that manages digital content for the broadcast industry. He is an avid “gamer,” who has almost every game console and hand-held game system created since 1980. He enjoys participating in basketball, football, ping pong, and disc golf. As an instructor and program director of digital media software engineering, he enjoys the experiences connecting and educating students, and developing a world-class engineering program.