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Richard Bryce Gore is a Digital 3D/ 2D Artist who has been working in the industry since 2012. After completing his Bachelor’s Degree in Simulation, Animation, and Gaming at Eastern Michigan University, he started his career working as a 3D modeling and Visualization artist at 3DExcite working with companies like General Motors, Honda, Beechcraft, New Balance, and more.
In 2013 Bryce began working at Jackson Dawson as a visualization contract artist working on projects for Ford and Lexus. Shortly after, he received a Master’s Degree in Technology Management from Eastern Michigan University and started teaching there as an Adjunct Lecturer in the Simulation, Animation, and Gaming program.

While teaching at Eastern, Bryce started working at Eview 360 as a Senior CG Artist and visualization specialist. While there he helped with virtual reality development for architectural visualization implementation and worked with companies including Ford, Volkswagen, and Maserati.

Bryce now lives in Grand Rapids teaching full time at Ferris State University and still picks up the occasional freelance project. His passion for 3D art drives him to continue working on personal art projects which, in addition to freelance projects, helps him to grow and develop his skills as a digital artist.   

Beautiful visual effects from movies, video games, and still renders are the primary source for Bryce’s inspiration.  He also happens to think Paleontology is pretty darn cool.