Ferris State University does not tolerate sexual assault in any form, including what is often labeled "acquaintance rape" or "date rape." Student and Employee Dignity Policies demand all University community members to act with dignity and treat each other with respect. Sexual assault is a violation of the dignity and respect policies, as well as other University policies including state, federal, and local laws. The University will strongly pursue disciplinary action and sanctions against all employee and student perpetrators, up to and including termination of employment or dismissal from the University.

Definition of Sexual Assault

If physical sexual contact occurs and there is a lack of consent (or a person is not able to consent) or force is involved, a sexual assault most likely occurred. Lack of consent is a crucial factor. Where force, threat of force, or coercion are involved, the victim has not consented. Furthermore, persons under the influence of drugs or alcohol may lose their ability to consent and persons of insufficient age and mental capacity also may not legally consent. While use of alcohol or drugs may render the victim of sexual assault legally unable to consent, use of alcohol or drugs by the perpetrator does not diminish the perpetrator's personal responsibility or exposure to disciplinary sanctions.

The Law

Sexual assault is a violation of Michigan criminal law and may result in criminal charges and sanctions being pursued against the perpetrator in addition to University disciplinary procedures and sanctions.

Sexual Assault Policies

Helpful Contacts

Wise Women's Shelter 231-796-6250
Personal Counseling Center  
Office of the Dean of Student Life