Detecting Academic Misconduct

There may be times when you detect a student’s work is not his/her own. Some key identifiers include the following:

  • The work appears well above the quality of work that the student has previously turned in.
  • Work reflects concepts or covers material not yet covered in the class.
  • Stylistically, the work appears to have been done by a scholar in the field rather than a student, or in comparison to previous work, it is hard to fathom that the same student completed the work.
  • Well researched topics appear as if common knowledge of the student.
  • A well developed topic replaced the previously proposed topic.
  • Do not allow students to use cellphones or electronic devices during tests and quizzes.


Worried about creating or re-creating exams or quizzes? Rearranging questions or changing provided information will prevent students who simply try to memorize a set of answers.