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Big Event

Over 48,000 involvement hours were recorded by Ferris State students during the 2017-2018 academic year.

  • It is a good way to impact your community, discover career options, boost your resume, and make connections with people that can help you during your college education.

    Volunteering - spend unpaid time helping with a community need.  Help at the food pantry, animal shelter, domestic violence shelter.

    Fundraising - collect money that is given to a non-profit local, national, or global agency to further their mission.

    Donation of Goods - collection of (but not limited to) food, clothing, toys for non-profit agencies to further their mission.

    Academic Service Learning - a variety of academic courses will give students the opportunity to use their classroom knowledge while volunteering.  

     Volunteering is yet another way to gain valuable skills today's employers are looking for!

  • There are a variety of opportunities on campus and in the local community at anytime of year.   Opportunities are currently posted in Volunteer Center OrgSync Newsfeed.  

    Academic Service Learning courses will be noted when you register for classes.

    Our biggest volunteer event of the year!  The Big Event held every April.

    Watch The Big Event Video


    Annual or Ongoing Civic Engagement Opportunities


  • A Co-Curricular Transcript is a record of outside-of-the-classroom accomplishments and involvement in RSO’s, professional or education programs, awards, and community service. It recognizes activities that you partake in outside of the classroom.

    1.  Enter your involvements and accomplishments regularly into OrgSync.  It is recommended to enter at least 1 time each semester.   RSO involvement is automatically added when you join the RSO OrgSync portal and update your position in the organization.  

    2.  Each involvement or accomplishment needs to be verified by an authorized person, approval request is automatic in the involvement record.

    3.  Print an unofficial copy of your Co-Curricular Transcript from OrgSync at anytime.  This will help you see opportunities for skill development and verify accuracy. 

    4.  Get an Official embossed Co-Curricular Transcript by requesting your CCT in OrgSync.

    Official CCTs may be given to potential employers or graduate schools.  It may also be beneficial for scholarship applications! 

  • Any person, business, RSO or University department who is looking to recruit for an unpaid volunteer opportunity can post that opportunity with the CLACS Volunteer Center.

    1.  Complete the Post a Volunteer Opportunity form.

    2.  Your posting will be reviewed by a CLACS staff member.  If there are additional questions you will be contacted.

    3.  You will receive an email when your posting has been approved.  

    4.  It will now appear in the Volunteer Center OrgSync Feed.